About Mumbo Jumbo

First things first...

Hey! I'm Cathy aka Mumbo Jumbo, mum to five daughters - who are intelligent, well adjusted members of society despite their parentage- and devoted wife to my lovely husband and soulmate, who keeps me motivated and lets me know when I'm being an unreasonable bitch - even though I would obviously never agree with the latter.

Originally from the not-so-sunny south-coast but currently residing in a small town in the Midlands famous for beer and stinky condiments, with which I have a love-hate relationship...mainly hate. I am also a (very) mature student, having returned to University last year, and *hoping* to one day end up with a First Class degree in Marketing. Aimin' high....


I've recently started following lots of new accounts on Instagram which are to do with hair because I wanted tips on how to deal with my natural 4a hair-type. I also follow lots of Keto groups because I like looking at pictures of food I am unlikely to ever get round to cooking... I also follow local lifestyle pages which keep me informed about changes in my home town - I still have pangs of homesickness now and again. Always a Southerner. Amongst all these IG accounts, I find that none wholeheartedly resonates with me. I'm a mother but my world doesn't solely consist of parenting. I'm a student but I'm not eighteen and carefree. I'm a woman of colour but I have a multicultural family. I'm too old to have a Tik Tok account and yet I find myself trying to master the Git Up Dance Challenge. I can't be the only one who feels that they don't fit into any ready-made pigeon hole and even if I am, I want some place of my own to vent, to share and to maybe connect with some like-minded people.  I don't have any deep seated baggage to unload and I don't particularly enjoy shopping so I won't be sharing my 'hauls' with you unless it's to do with books. Or cake. There will most certainly be cake.


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