Birthday Shenanigans.

Most parents will agree that August is a pretty expensive month with the summer holidays and equipment to buy for the new school year. In my house, however, it’s made worse by the fact that we have two members of the family who were inconsiderate enough to be born just a couple of days apart, albeit several years in between!

Birthday Twinnies!

There must be something about Virgos – and I am sure I have friends who can educate me on this - which make them incredibly difficult to buy for.

Mr Mumbo Jumbo put in a not-so-subtle request for a guitar. I absolutely love my husband and he is hands down the smartest man I know but mate, know your limitations! My lovely husband is pretty much tone deaf and any instrumental accompaniment to the ‘sounds’ which emanate from our en suite could potentially bring about his untimely demise…and he hasn't delivered on his promise of an M5 yet, so he needs to stick around.

Daughter No.2 is soon to be heading off to university. Therefore it was a no-brainer to just give her money and the promise of a trip to Ikea to stock up on cacti and candles, you know the usual crap teenagers like cluttering up their living space with.

Daughter No.1 was coming home as a special treat for the birthday pair although I’m sure there was an element of FOMO in this decision, and rightly so. Mr Mumbo Jumbo had booked a week off work too. There was obviously an expectation of something special happening; the pressure was on. Luckily, I am a superfab mum and wife and I love organising birthdays although I largely tend to ignore my own; who wants a yearly reminder of how much closer they are to death?


Here is some of what we managed to cram into the week:

MONKEY FOREST in Stoke-on-Trent was a surprise trip for Daddy on the bank holiday Monday with mixed reviews. We were initially amazed when a monkey actually crossed the path in front of us but this novelty wore off pretty quickly and we probably don’t need to go there again. To be fair, it would have been more enjoyable without all the crowds and a half-hour queue for lunch, but that's a UK bank least it didn't rain.

ZERO LATENCY was Daughter No.5’s treat with Daddy as she was too dinky to join in on the movie outings. They visited the Nottingham branch and enjoyed a free-roaming virtual reality multiplayer game called Engineerium.

The over-18s in the family had a great time at Leicester’s ESCAPE REALITY where Team UwU (I chose the wrong time to go to the toilet) managed to get out of the room and complete the game in just 43 minutes.

This was Daughter No.2's first escape room and she was a great addition once she got over the trauma of being blindfolded and handcuffed. As seasoned escape-roomies, we rated this one quite highly and will definitely be going back to try a different adventure.

We also managed to cram in two cinema trips, a birthday meal in The Funky Bear in Mere Green complete with the obligatory toilet selfies, we enjoyed the best burgers in the Midlands at Cafe.Clock in Burton upon Trent and everyone enjoyed Mum's famous cheese and onion sandwiches for the joint birthday buffet.

(At least they had the decency to piss off back to school the following week)

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