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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hello from my shiny new blog.

As a first post, I thought I'd keep things simple. You'll already have read my About page and, if not, I suggest you head back and check it out because I try not to be repetitive.

One thing which most people deduce after getting to know me is that I tend to rant. I find it cathartic. I have mellowed over the years but still find myself simmering gently when yet again, I get cut up at a roundabout by some arsehole driver or when *someone* dumps a load of dirty laundry in the basket when I have just glimpsed the bottom for the first time in six weeks. I'm not unreasonable, although Mr Mumbo Jumbo may beg to differ. There are just so many reasons for me to be pissed off.

So, for your amusement, here are just a few of my pet hates:

1. People chewing loudly or with their mouth open! Instantly triggered.

2. Bad drivers, this includes tailgaters, slow drivers, people on their mobiles whilst driving, bad parking. I should probably at this point say anyone sharing the road with me at any time.

3. Bad grammar. I know not everyone is blessed with a natural ability to communicate correctly but surely, by adulthood, you should know the difference between the words "brought" and "bought" and the words "lose" and "loose"and understand that these words are not interchangeable.

I'll sign off with


I have a part-time job in a well-known supermarket. Every little helps...I pretty much hate my job but it keeps me in Audible books and reasons to despair for the future of the human race. The discounts are pretty good too.

I am a horror fan and have a obsessive book addiction too, which means lots of bookcases. I have read everything by Richard Laymon and Bentley Little but had a fangirl moment when I met Shaun Hutson, which was almost as amazing as meeting Pinhead aka Doug Bradley on the same day...Squeeee!!

I have an insect phobia and am petrified of wind-turbines.

Despite having a massive sweet tooth, I have recently started Keto-ing. I have tried several times in the past but always ended up caving into the carb cravings for jelly beans and scones. Now I've put this out there, I HAVE to stick with it for a respectable amount of time or until I die of cake-deprivation.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what your pet hates are! Bye for now.

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