WARNING! May Contain Traces of PDA.

Mr Mumbo Jumbo has been feeling a little sensitive of late. It could be a recent comment that I may have made about him being tone-deaf; it could be that whenever I see him strumming the ukulele that Daughter No. 2 *kindly* donated to him, I feel the urge to imitate the ‘plink-plink’ of the strings. It’s my job to be annoying. However, I may also be feeling slightly guilty, so I was compelled to come up with :


Of course there are more than just three, but it was difficult to capture everything fantastic about him whilst also keeping it family friendly- the kids are probably reading this!....so it was whittled down to three things and I’ll kick things off with:


This can also be roughly translated to WE HATE THE SAME PEOPLE. One of the first things which attracted me to Mr Mumbo Jumbo was his ability to hold his own in a bitch sesh in a way which was far superior to any female counterpart. It was obvious from the outset that we shared a similar opinion on people; that on the whole we didn’t like them very much – people tend to be too exhausting for us sensitive introverts – but if, on the rare occasion, I encountered an individual who made me feel I’d rather drink bleach than spend another second with, I’d only have to glance at Mr Mumbo Jumbo and I know that we’d have loads to talk about later on…. *The* look is something like this.

…. Blink and you’d miss it. If you’re lucky enough to be in our company and happen to catch this fleeting meeting of the eyes, don’t be an offended snowflake. Just stop being an egotistical, self-absorbed, selfish dumbfuck and we’ll all get along famously.

2) HE SUPPORTS ME. I don’t just mean financially (yeah, that too, although the M5 is taking its time!) but emotionally and psychologically. Mr Mumbo Jumbo believes in me more than I believe in myself at times.

If I have a crazy-ass idea, he immediately goes away to find out how viable my idea is and how we can make it happen. Kinda like this blog!? Also kinda like having a ridiculously mad idea to return to Uni! One minute, I’m wondering how I can get the skills to start a little online enterprise I’d been thinking about for a long time. The next minute, I’m being frogmarched up the steps of what was to become my home campus, into an Open Day event.

My husband always has my back. My fights my battles when I have been worn down. He comforted me when I had a meltdown over bloody Data Analysis maths, but then he tutored me and wouldn’t let me rest until I was practically dreaming of Quadratics and Mr Hegarty.*if you know, you know* Of course, I aced that module but I would probably have dropped out if it hadn't been for my numerical superhero.

3) Really disgustingly sentimental but very important. HE LOVES OUR FAMILY. When the rest of the world has let us down, this man has always gone above and beyond for me and our brood.

My hubby has attended almost every Parent’s Evening for all five daughters; he’s played hours of Just Dance (there are videos!); he’s dealt with bullies; he’s suffered through years of teenage angst, months of unsuitable boyfriends and weeks of hormonal bitchiness; he’s lost sleep to the creation of state-of-the-art Easter Bonnets; he’s tutored GCSE and A Level maths, computer programming, art and driving; he’s gone out at at midnight looking for them when they’ve consumed too much alcohol and have tried to walk home in the wrong direction!; he’s cried proper tears when they’ve left home for university and this man works so hard to keep us happy and safe.

He may wake up grumpy and might have banned Pointless from the TV at dinner time, but there is no man on this planet more deserving of the title ‘Daddy’ than my lovely husband.

4) MY HUSBAND MAKES ME LAUGH! I know there was only supposed to be three, but I tacked this one on the end because my blog post was in danger of becoming too sweet and I need to end on a high.

Mr Mumbo Jumbo pretends to be a serious, stuffy professional all day long doing all his top-secret important-people work, but whenever I find the world is shitting on me from a great height and I am losing the will to live, out comes Coco, the Constipated Clown and all is right in the world once again. You’ll see what I mean…. Enjoy!!

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